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Virus Res. 2004 Jan;99(1):47-50.

Inhibition of Dugbe nairovirus replication by human MxA protein.

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Division of Virology, Institute of Biomedical and Life Sciences, University of Glasgow, Glasgow G11 5JR, UK.


Sensitivity to the interferon-induced protein, MxA, has previously been demonstrated for viruses belonging to the Orthobunyavirus, Hantavirus and Phlebovirus genera of the Bunyaviridae family. We have extended these findings to a member of the fourth and remaining genus containing viruses that infect man and other animals, the nairovirus Dugbe virus (DUGV). Indirect immunofluorescence experiments using VA9 cells (Vero cells permanently transfected with MxA cDNA) revealed strongly reduced DUGV antigen expression, suggesting that MxA inhibited DUGV replication. Western and Northern blot analyses showed significantly lower DUGV nucleocapsid (N) protein expression and DUGV genomic RNA, respectively, in the presence of MxA. Viral titres were also reduced by more than two orders of magnitude in VA9 cells compared with control VN36 cells. This finding may have application to nairovirus therapeutics.

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