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Eur J Clin Nutr. 2004 Jan;58(1):154-61.

Influence of repeated consumption of beverages containing sucrose or intense sweeteners on food intake.

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Equipe Nutrition et Métabolisme Humain et CREABIO, Université de Bourgogne, Dijon, France.



To investigate the influence of ingestion of beverages with sucrose or with intense sweeteners on food intake (FI) and on hunger ratings in before and after a month of daily consumption of beverages.


Experimental study.


Department of Physiology, University Hospital, Dijon, France.


In all, 12 men and 12 women, aged 20-25 y.


Four beverages contained either sucrose (E+:100 g/l, 1672 kJ) or intense sweeteners (E-: null energy content) and were flavoured with either orange (O) or raspberry (R). FI was measured in the lab during two 2-consecutive-day periods, carried out on 2 successive weeks (session 1). The subjects drank 2 l of either E+ or E- beverages on the first day of both weekly periods, according to a balanced randomised design. E+ was paired with O for 50% of subjects and with R for the other 50%. Subjects were then habituated over a 4-week period to both beverages, consuming 1 l of E+ beverage on odd days and 1 l of E- drink on even days. After this period, the measurements of session 1 were repeated (session 2, weeks 7-8). Finally, FI was measured for two more 2-day periods (weeks 9-10) after the association between flavour and energy content was reversed (session 3).


The E- drinks were less palatable than the E+ drinks. Besides, we observed that FI was not reduced in response to a liquid extra caloric load and there was no change in hunger ratings after the beverages in any of the sessions.


Ingestion of caloric beverages induced a positive energy balance and the continuous exposure phase to these beverages over 1 month did not improve FI adaptation in response to the extra energy provided by the beverages.

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