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J Urol. 2004 Jan;171(1):376-80.

Ureterocystoplasty: indications for a successful augmentation.

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Mayo Eugenio Litta Children's Hospital, Rochester, Minnesota, USA.

Erratum in

  • J Urol. 2004 Mar;171(3):1247.



We evaluate the outcome of ureterocystoplasty based on preoperative evaluations.


We reviewed preoperative ultrasound, voiding cystourethrography and preoperative/postoperative urodynamic studies (UDS) in 64 patients undergoing ureterocystoplasty.


Augmentation was performed with the distal 5 to 8 cm of a single megaureter in 8 patients without and 16 with grade 4 to 5/5 reflux. Median gain or loss in capacity and compliance was +0.14-fold and -0.11-fold, respectively. Re-augmentation has occurred or is pending in 23 cases (92%). Augmentation was performed in 40 patients with either a complete single or double collecting system. In 9 patients without reflux the diameter of the augmenting system was directly related to success. None of 6 with a ureteral diameter of greater than 1.5 cm required re-augmentation (median increase in bladder capacity and compliance 6 and 50-fold, respectively). Ureterocystoplasty was inadequate in 3 patients with a ureteral diameter of less than 1.5 cm and re-augmentation was required. In 31 patients with reflux, preoperative UDS of the entire system was beneficial. If the system had either normal or mild noncompliance (greater than 20 ml/cm H2O) ureterocystoplasty improved compliance 1-fold (6 cases) and re-augmentation not required. If UDS showed moderately or severely noncompliant system (less than 20 ml/cm H2O, 26 cases) ureterocystoplasty increased capacity and compliance by 0.4-fold (40%) and 0.25-fold (25%), respectively. Re-augmentation has occurred or is pending in 21 of 26 cases (81%).


Ureterocystoplasty with any single or double collecting system is warranted in patients without reflux and a ureteral width greater than 1.5 cm, and in patients with reflux and mild noncompliance (greater than 20 ml/cm H2O) on UDS.

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