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Gene Ther. 2003 Dec;10(26):2126-32.

Local immunotherapy of spontaneous feline fibrosarcomas using recombinant poxviruses expressing interleukin 2 (IL2).

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Département Recherche et Développement, Aventis Pasteur, Campus Merieux, 1541 Avenue Marcel Merieux, Marcy l'Etoile, France.


We tested the canarypox virus vector ALVAC and the genetically attenuated vaccinia virus vector NYVAC as vehicles for achieving local immunomodulation in domestic animals bearing spontaneous tumours. Following intratumoral administration of ALVAC-, or NYVAC-luciferase in dogs with melanoma, it was demonstrated that viral recombinants remained localized along the needle track, with no virus detectable in the periphery of the tumour. Given these distribution characteristics and their well-documented safety profile, ALVAC- or NYVAC-based recombinants expressing feline or human IL2, respectively, were administered to domestic cats, in order to prevent the recurrence of spontaneous fibrosarcomas. In the absence of immunotherapy, tumour recurrence was observed in 61% of animals within a 12-month follow-up period after treatment with surgery and iridium-based radiotherapy. In contrast, only 39 and 28% of cats receiving either NYVAC-human IL2 or ALVAC-feline IL2, respectively, exhibited tumour recurrences. Based on such results, and in the context of ongoing clinical studies conducted in humans, we discuss the utilization of ALVAC- or NYVAC-based recombinants as viable therapeutic modalities for local immunotherapy or therapeutic vaccination against cancer, both in humans and companion animals.

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