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Genomics. 2003 Dec;82(6):637-43.

Complete sequence of the 45-kb mouse ribosomal DNA repeat: analysis of the intergenic spacer.

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Cell Biology Department, Institute of Molecular Biology, Acad. G Bonchev Street, Building 21, 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria.


DNA from a single bacterial artificial chromosome clone was used to sequence the mouse ribosomal DNA intergenic spacer from the 3' end of the 45S pre-RNA to the spacer promoter (Accession No. AF441733). This made possible the assembly of a complete mouse ribosomal DNA repeat unit (45309 bp long, TPA Accession No. BK000964). Analysis of the intergenic spacer (IGS) showed a high density of simple sequence repeats and transposable elements. The IGS contains two long sequence blocks, which are repeated tandemly. Some of the sequences in these blocks are also present in other parts of the IGS. A difference in the mutation rate along the mouse IGS was observed. The significance of sequence motifs in the IGS for transcription enhancement, transcription termination, origin of replication, and nucleolar organization is discussed.

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