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Pest Manag Sci. 2003 Oct;59(10):1076-82.

Capacity of model biobeds to retain and degrade mecoprop and isoproturon.

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Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, Division of Chemical Contaminants, DK-2860 Søborg, Denmark.


Biobeds are used to increase the adsorption and degradation of pesticide spillage on sites used for mixing and loading and for cleaning of sprayers. The adsorption and the rate of degradation of 14C-labelled isoproturon and mecoprop (MCPP) at concentrations from 0.0005 to 25 000 mgkg(-1) were determined in biobed soil. Further leaching of the two herbicides was determined in a model biobed with a surface area of 2 m2. The biobed material showed enhanced ability to adsorb the two herbicides. Kd was 5.2 litre kg(-1) for isoproturon and 1.6 litre kg(-1) for MCPP in biobed material, which is higher than in natural soil. In different experiments with natural soil, Kd ranges from 0.07 to 0.6 litrekg(-1) for MCPP and from 1.5 to 4.6 litre kg(-1) for isoproturon in soils with varying organic carbon content. Degradation of MCPP was rapid at concentrations from 0.0005 to 500 mg kg(-1), delayed at 5000 mg kg(-1), and very slow at 25 000 mg kg(-1). For isoproturon, the relative degradation was most rapid at the lowest concentration and decreasing with increasing concentrations. After 120 days, between 55% and 8% 14C was evolved as 14CO2 at concentrations between 0.0005 and 25 000 mg kg(-1). The rate of evolution of 14CO2 indicated that degradation rates at low concentrations were of first-order and at higher concentrations of zero-order. Leaching of MCPP and isoproturon was determined in a newly established model biobed during a 2-year period. About 13% of applied MCPP and 1.4% of applied isoproturon leached out during the winter following the first autumn application (worst-case scenario). Leaching was completely prevented when the biobed had a well-developed grass cover and was covered during the winter.

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