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Mol Microbiol. 1992 Nov;6(21):3171-86.

A putative anaerobic coproporphyrinogen III oxidase in Rhodobacter sphaeroides. II. Analysis of a region of the genome encoding hemF and the puc operon.

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Krebs Institute, Department of Molecular Biology, University of Sheffield, UK.


The puc operon of Rhodobacter sphaeroides encoding polypeptides of the major light-harvesting complex, LH2, has been found to be linked to hemF, a gene encoding a putative anaerobic coproporphyrinogen III oxidase. The puc-hemF region of the R. sphaeroides genome has been investigated by insertional mutagenesis, complementation analysis of these insertional mutants and DNA sequencing. A third gene, designated pucC, has been found immediately downstream of pucA and has been shown to be essential for LH2 expression. pucC is cotranscribed with pucB and pucA; however, hemF and the pucBAC operon were found not to be transcriptionally linked. Ultrastructural studies indicated that the morphology of the intracytoplasmic membrane may depend upon expression of pucC as well as pucBA.

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