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Comp Biochem Physiol B. 1992 Sep;103(1):261-6.

Presence and genetic polymorphism of an epithelial mucin in milk of the goat (Capra hircus).

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School of Family Studies and Consumer Sciences, San Diego State University, CA 92182.


1. Analysis of individual samples of goat's milk by SDS-PAGE confirmed that they contain a polymorphic, high molecular weight (M(r) greater than 205 kDa) glycoprotein. 2. On SDS-gels, the polymorphism takes the form of two bands of variable mobility which usually stain with equal intensity. This polymorphism resembles that detected in milk mucins of other species and is best explained by an expression of codominant genes containing variable numbers of a tandemly repeated 60-base segment. 3. Analysis of milk fractions provided evidence that the goat mucin is exclusively a membrane protein, and that it can be purified from other fat globule proteins by gel filtration and peanut lectin affinity chromatography. 4. Among proteins in the goat milk fat globule, the mucin appears to be a strong immunogen but the resulting antibodies applied to Western blots only stained the cow's milk mucin mildly and the guinea pig and human milk mucins not at all.

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