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Reliability and performance of innovative surgical double-glove hole puncture indication systems.

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  • 1Plastic Surgical Research Program, University of Virginia Health System, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA.


During operative procedures, operating room personnel wear sterile surgical gloves designed to protect them and their patients against transmissible infections. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has set compliance policy guides for manufacturers of gloves. The FDA allows surgeons' gloves whose leakage defect rates do not exceed 1.5 acceptable quality level (AQL) to be used in operating rooms. The implications of this policy are potentially enormous to operating room personnel and patients. This unacceptable risk to the personnel and patient could be significantly reduced by the use of sterile double surgical gloves. Because double-gloves are also susceptible to needle puncture, a double-glove hole indication system is urgently needed to immediately detect surgical needle glove punctures. This warning would allow surgeons to remove the double-gloves, wash their hands, and then don a sterile set of double-gloves with an indication system. During the last decade, Regent Medical has devised non-latex and latex double-glove hole puncture indication systems. The purpose of this comprehensive study is to detect the accuracy of the non-latex and latex double-glove hole puncture indication systems using five commonly used sterile surgical needles: the taper point surgical needle, tapercut surgical needle, reverse cutting edge surgical needle, taper cardiopoint surgical needle, and spatula surgical needle. After subjecting both the non-latex and latex double-glove hole puncture indication systems to surgical needle puncture in each glove fingertip, these double-glove systems were immersed in a sterile basin of saline, after which the double-gloved hands manipulated surgical instruments. Within two minutes, both the non-latex and latex hole puncture indication systems accurately detected needle punctures in all of the surgical gloves, regardless of the dimensions of the surgical needles. In addition, the size of the color change visualized through the translucent outer glove did not correlate with needle diameter. On the basis of this extensive experimental evaluation, both the non-latex and latex double-glove hole puncture indication systems should be used in all operative procedures by all operating room personnel.

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