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J Mol Biol. 1992 Nov 5;228(1):156-69.

Homonuclear three-dimensional NOE-NOE nuclear magnetic resonance/spectra for structure determination of proteins in solution.

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Max-Planck-Institut für Biochemie, Martinsried bei München, Germany.


The solution structures of two proteins (CMTI-I, a trypsin inhibitor from Cucurbita maxima, and hisactophilin, an actin binding protein of 118 amino acids) have been determined based on the NOE data derived solely from the homonuclear 3D NOE-NOE magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Two different approaches for extraction of the structural information from the 3D NOE-NOE experiment were tested. One approach was based on the transformation of the 3D intensities into distance constraints. In the second, and more robust approach, the 3D NOE intensities were used directly in structure calculations, without the need to transform them into distance constraints. A new 2D potential function representing the 3D NOE-NOE intensity was developed and used in the simulated annealing protocol. For CMTI-I, a comparison between structures determined with the 3D NOE-NOE method and various 2D NOE approaches was carried out. The 3D data set allowed better definition of the structures than was previously possible with the 2D NOE procedures that used the isolated two-spin approximation to derive distance information.

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