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J Biol Chem. 1992 Nov 25;267(33):23753-8.

Isolation and sequencing of cDNAs and genomic DNAs encoding the alpha 4 chain of basement membrane collagen type IV and assignment of the gene to the distal long arm of human chromosome 2.

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Department of Anatomy and Cellular Biology, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts 02115.


We cloned three overlapping cDNAs covering 2,452 base pairs encoding a new basement membrane collagen chain, alpha 4(IV), from rabbit corneal endothelial cell RNA. Nucleotide sequence analysis demonstrated that the clones encoded a triple-helical domain of 392 1/3 amino acid residues and a carboxyl non-triple-helical (NC1) domain of 231 residues. We also isolated a genomic DNA fragment for the human alpha 4(IV) chain, which contained two exons encoding from the carboxyl end of the triple-helical domain to the amino end of the NC1 domain. Identification of the clones was based on the amino acid sequence identity between the cDNA-deduced amino acid sequence and the reported amino acid sequence obtained from a fragment of the alpha 4(IV) collagen polypeptide M28+ (Butkowski, R. J., Shen, G.-Q., Wieslander, J., Michael, A. F., and Fish, A. J. (1990) J. Lab. Clin. Med. 115, 365-373). When compared with four other type IV collagen chains, the NC1 domain contained 12 cysteinyl residues in positions identical to those of the residues in those chains. The domain demonstrated 61, 70, 55, and 60% amino acid similarity with human alpha 1, human alpha 2, bovine alpha 3, and human alpha 5 chains, respectively. The human genomic DNA fragment allowed us to map the alpha 4(IV) gene (COL4A4) to the 2q35-2q37.1 region of the human genome.

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