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Virology. 1992 Nov;191(1):19-30.

The complete nucleotide sequence of pepper mottle virus genomic RNA: comparison of the encoded polyprotein with those of other sequenced potyviruses.

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Department of Biological Sciences, University of South Carolina, Columbia 29208.


The complete nucleotide sequence of a pepper mottle virus isolate from California (PepMoV C) has been determined from cloned viral cDNAs. The PepMoV C genomic RNA is 9640 nucleotides excluding the poly(A) tail and contains a long open reading frame starting at nucleotide 168 and potentially encoding a polyprotein of 3068 amino acids. Comparison of the PepMoV C presumptive polyprotein with those of other sequenced members of the potyvirus group, including tobacco etch virus (TEV), tobacco vein mottling virus (TVMV), plum pox virus (PPV), and potato virus Y (PVY), allowed localization of putative protein cleavage sites. A similar analysis was used to determine the position of conserved viral protein-coding regions along the viral genomic RNA. These analyses confirm previous work indicating that genome organization is conserved among members of the genus Potyvirus. The localization of one PepMoV C gene product, the nuclear inclusion body protein a (NIa protein), was analyzed by expressing PepMoV cDNA deletion clones in bacteria and assaying for appearance of mature-sized coat protein, a cleavage product of the NIa protease. Comparative sequence analyses of the putative PepMoV polyprotein with those of TEV, TVMV, PPV, and PVY served to identify regions of the potyviral polyproteins which have diverged within the genus, as well as highly conserved protein features which may play an important functional role in the potyviral life cycle.

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