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Microbiol Immunol. 1992;36(7):671-81.

Proposal of a new scheme for the serological typing of Enterococcus faecalis strains.

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Department of Microbiology, Sapporo Medical College, Hokkaido, Japan.


No systematic study on serotyping of Enterococcus faecalis has been reported since 1964 when M.E. Sharpe conducted serotyping of group D streptococcus in U.K. So, we attempted to re-evaluate serotyping of E. faecalis. For this purpose, we received 42 Sharpe's strains and first examined for their biochemical characteristics as E. faecalis. Only 9 of the 42 strains were identified as E. faecalis. We raised rabbit antisera against a large number of E. faecalis strains, including the 9 Sharpe's strains, 2 strains obtained from CDC in U.S.A. and 36 strains isolated from patients hospitalized in different cities of Japan. From the results of cross-agglutination tests and absorption tests performed on these antisera using a large number of E. faecalis strains, we were able to classify 21 distinct serotype strains and to prepare 21 monospecific typing antisera by absorption of the antisera to the type strains with appropriate cross-agglutinating strains. When 832 E. faecalis strains were serotyped with the 21 typing antisera, 638 strains (76.7%) were typable. Thus, we propose a provisional scheme of 21 distinct serovars in E. faecalis.

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