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Exp Eye Res. 1992 Jul;55(1):47-52.

Two cone types of rat retina detected by anti-visual pigment antibodies.

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2nd Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, Semmelweis University of Medicine, Budapest, Hungary.


The presence of two distinct cone types was demonstrated in the retina of the rat using two cone-specific monoclonal anti-visual pigment antibodies. Cones labelled by antibody COS-1 constituted the large majority (about 93%) of cones, and are most probably responsible for the green photopic sensitivity of the rat. About 7% of the cones were recognized by antibody OS-2, and are thought to be blue-sensitive elements. While OS-2 positive cones were evenly distributed throughout the retina, there were slight differences in the distribution of COS-1 positive cones. The cones made up about 0.85% of all photoreceptor cells. Although the OS-2 positive cones occur in a very low number (0.05% of all photoreceptors) and probably do not appreciably contribute to the photopic system of the rat, their presence in the rat strengthens the presumption that most mammalian species exhibit a dual cone system with a shortwave and a middle-to-longwave sensitivity.

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