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Biochimie. 1992 Jul-Aug;74(7-8):755-62.

Molecular characterization of regulatory elements controlling expression of the Bacillus subtilis recA+ gene.

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Department of Biological Sciences, University of Maryland, Baltimore County 21228.


Expression of the Bacillus subtilis recA gene is induced following DNA damage as well as during the development of the competent state. DNA damage-induction of the recA gene occurs by a RecA-dependent mechanism, whereas competence-induction occurs by a RecA-independent mechanism. To examine the molecular mechanisms that control the expression of the recA gene, a deletion analysis of the recA promoter region was performed. A regulatory region that is required for repression of recA expression was identified upstream of the recA promoter. Deletion of this regulatory region derepressed expression and abolished damage-induction of the recA promoter. Within this region are sequences similar to the consensus sequence that has been identified within DNA damage-inducible promoter regions of other B subtilis genes. Another regulatory region was identified that is required for the RecA-independent, competence-specific induction of the recA gene. Deletion of these sequences significantly reduced competence-induction of the recA promoter.

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