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J Immunol. 1992 Oct 1;149(7):2241-8.

Origin and fate of IgE-bearing lymphocytes. II. Gut-associated lymphoid tissue as sites of first appearance of IgE-bearing B lymphocytes and hapten-specific IgE antibody-forming cells in mice immunized with benzylpenicilloyl-keyhole limpet hemocyanin by various routes: relation to asialo GM1 ganglioside+ cells and IgE/CD23 immune complexes.

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Department of Pathology, State University of New York Health Science Center, Brooklyn 11203.


The organs in which B cells bearing membrane-bound IgE (sIgE+) and benzylpenicilloyl (BPO)-specific IgE antibody-forming cells (AFC) first appeared were determined in BALB/c mice given BPO-keyhole limpet hemocyanin (10 micrograms) in aluminum hydroxide by various routes (i.p, gavage, s.c., i.v., or i.m.). In mice immunized by the i.p. route, the numbers and location of sIgE+ B cells and asialo GM1 ganglioside (AsGm1+) cells, the location of IgE/CD23 immune complexes, and the numbers of BPO-specific IgE AFC in lymphoid organs were determined. With all routes of immunization, no sIgE+ B cells or BPO-specific IgE AFC were ever detected in any organ before day 8. On day 8, with the s.c., i.v., or i.m. routes, sIgE+ B cells and IgE AFC appeared exclusively in Peyer's patches (PP); with the i.p. or gavage routes, sIgE+ B cells simultaneously appeared in both PP and mesenteric lymph nodes, whereas IgE AFC appeared only in PP. In mice immunized by the i.p. route, IgE/CD23 immune complexes and strikingly increased numbers of AsGm1+ cells transiently appeared only in PP after the appearance and preceding the "disappearance" of the sIgE+ B cells and IgE AFC. The data suggest that specific IgE responses originate in gut-associated lymphoid tissue and appear later in spleen. The data also associate the appearance of IgE/CD23 immune complexes and AsGm1+ cells with the "disappearance" of sIgE+ B cells and IgE AFC from PP.

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