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Biotechnology (N Y). 1992 Oct;10(10):1128-32.

Construction, bacterial expression and characterization of a bifunctional single-chain antibody-phosphatase fusion protein targeted to the human erbB-2 receptor.

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Friedrich Miescher Institute, Basel, Switzerland.


We have constructed genes expressing single-chain antigen binding proteins (scFv) which recognize the human erbB-2 receptor. These genes encode the heavy and light chain variable domains of an erbB-2 receptor specific monoclonal antibody, MAb FRP5, connected by a peptide linker. In order to express a bifunctional molecule, a bacterial alkaline phosphatase gene was fused 3' to the scFv gene. The scFv(FRP5) and scFv(FRP5)-alkaline phosphatase fusion protein (scFv(FRP5)-PhoA) expressed in E. coli specifically recognize the human erbB-2 protein and compete with MAb FRP5 for binding to the receptor. The bound scFv(FRP5)-PhoA protein can be detected directly on tumor cells using a substrate for alkaline phosphatase, showing that the chimeric protein retains both binding and enzymatic activity.

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