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Biotechnology (N Y). 1992 Dec;10(12):1550-6.

Recombinant protein expression in high cell density fed-batch cultures of Escherichia coli.

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Department of Chemical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley 94702.


Whereas cell concentrations of 5-10 grams dry cell weight per liter (gDCW/l) are typical of batch cultures, fed-batch techniques can be used to achieve concentrations greater than 50 gDCW/l. Feeding strategies for fed-batch cultures include feed-back control as well as pre-determined feeding profiles. The volumetric yield of recombinant products can be improved by controlling the specific growth rate and the substrate concentration. Furthermore, inhibitory by-product formation can be minimized in fed-batch cultures. This review focuses on the use of fed-batch techniques to produce recombinant products in Escherichia coli. The modes of nutrient feeding that have been employed are discussed, and the factors important in attaining high cell concentrations as well as high specific yields of recombinant product are described.

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