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Dentomaxillofac Radiol. 2003 Jul;32(4):229-34.

Dosimetry of two extraoral direct digital imaging devices: NewTom cone beam CT and Orthophos Plus DS panoramic unit.

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Department of Diagnostic Sciences and General Dentistry, University of North Carolina School of Dentistry, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599, USA.



This study provides effective dose measurements for two extraoral direct digital imaging devices, the NewTom 9000 cone beam CT (CBCT) unit and the Orthophos Plus DS panoramic unit.


Thermoluminescent dosemeters were placed at 20 sites throughout the layers of the head and neck of a tissue-equivalent RANDO phantom. Variations in phantom orientation and beam collimation were used to create three different CBCT examination techniques: a combined maxillary and mandibular scan (Max/Man), a maxillary scan and a mandibular scan. Ten exposures for each technique were used to ensure a reliable measure of radiation from the dosemeters. Average tissue-absorbed dose, weighted equivalent dose and effective dose were calculated for each major anatomical site. Effective doses of individual organs were summed with salivary gland exposures (E(SAL)) and without salivary gland exposures (E(ICRP60)) to calculate two measures of whole-body effective dose.


The effective doses for CBCT were: Max/Man scan, E(ICRP60)=36.3 micro Sv, E(SAL)=77.9 micro Sv; maxillary scan, E(ICRP60)=19.9 micro Sv, E(SAL)=41.5 micro Sv; and mandibular scan, E(ICRP60)=34.7 micro Sv, E(SAL)=74.7 micro Sv. Effective doses for the panoramic examination were E(ICRP60)=6.2 micro Sv and E(SAL)=22.0 micro Sv.


When viewed in the context of potential diagnostic yield, the E(ICRP60) of 36.3 micro Sv for the NewTom compares favourably with published effective doses for conventional CT (314 micro Sv) and film tomography (2-9 micro Sv per image). CBCT examinations resulted in doses that were 3-7 (E(ICRP60)) and 2-4 (E(SAL)) times the panoramic doses observed in this study.

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