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Trends Biotechnol. 1990 Jul;8(7):184-9.

Phosphate control sequences involved in transcriptional regulation of antibiotic biosynthesis.

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Department of Ecology, Genetics and Microbiology, University of León, Spain.


The expression of genes encoding enzymes involved in antibiotic and other secondary metabolite biosynthesis is down-regulated by easily assimilable phosphate, carbon and nitrogen sources. Phosphate control of antibiotic production appears to act at the transcriptional level by a mechanism similar to that involved in control of phosphatases and other phosphate-regulated enzymes. A phosphate control (PC) sequence, strikingly similar to the phosphate control (pho) boxes of many bacterial genes, has been isolated from the phosphate regulated promoter that controls biosynthesis of the antibiotic candicidin, and characterized. From computer analysis of sequence data, PC sequences appear to be associated with promoter regions of several phosphate-controlled antibiotic biosynthetic genes.

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