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Biochem Cell Biol. 1992 Oct-Nov;70(10-11):1030-8.

Isolation and characterization of a cDNA encoding a synaptonemal complex protein.

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Department of Biology, York University, Downsview, Ont., Canada.


A gene encoding a 65-kilodalton antigen of the rat synaptonemal complex, SC65, has been cloned by screening rat testis lambda gt11 and lambda ZAPII cDNA expression libraries using polyclonal antibodies against rat synaptonemal complex proteins. The longest open reading frame, initiating at an ATG codon in the cDNA, encodes a protein of 431 amino acids, with a relative molecular mass of 50,000. Immunological analysis locates the SC65 gene product on the synaptonemal complex between the pairing faces of the parallel aligned cores of homologous chromosomes in spermatocytes. Of the rat tissues examined, the SC65 gene is transcribed in testis, brain, and heart at similar levels, and in the liver at a much lower level. The DNA sequence extending about 80 base pairs downstream of the translation termination codon has 93% similarity to the identifier sequence present in the rat genome in 1 x 10(5)-1.5 x 10(5) copies and in cDNA clones of precursors of brain-specific mRNAs. The amino acid sequence encoded by the SC65 gene contains an acidic region in the C-terminal domain of the protein, potential glycosylation sites, and at least one possible phosphorylation site. The protein shows no overall similarity to proteins of known function, nor is there similarity to protein sequences present in GenBank or EMBL data bases.

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