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Immunol Lett. 1992 Aug;33(3):233-7.

Thy-1 antigen-mediated adhesion of mouse lymphoid cells to stromal cells of haemopoietic origin.

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Department of Chemical Immunology, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel.


Thy-1 antigen is one of the widespread cell surface antigens. The antigen is expressed in the cells of a wide variety of different tissues and species and its pattern varies considerably during development and among species. Although the Thy-1 is one of the members of Ig-superfamily its function(s) remain unknown. Here we show that monoclonal antibodies to mouse Thy-1.2 antigen prevent adhesion of Thy-1.2-positive mouse T-leukemic cells 127 to monolayers of two mouse bone marrow stromal cell lines (14F1.1 and MBA-15). The same antibodies do not prevent adhesion of cell 127 to monolayers of two other mouse bone marrow stromal cell lines (MBA-2.1 and MBA-1.1.1) and to a wide spectrum of different normal and tumor mouse cell lines. A characteristic of the cell line 14F1.1 is the ability to support growth of mouse haemopoietic stem-cells. This data suggest that cells of stromal lines 14F1.1 and MBA-15 contain on their surface a specific ligand for the Thy-1 molecule. Cell-cell interaction via this ligand and the molecule on the cell surface may be an important step for development of certain lineages of cells.

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