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Gene. 1992 Jul 1;116(1):93-7.

Homology of TcpN, a putative regulatory protein of Vibrio cholerae, to the AraC family of transcriptional activators.

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Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of Adelaide, S.A.


The nucleotide sequence has been determined for the gene designated tcpN, encoding a putative regulatory protein within the tcp gene cluster associated with the biosynthesis and assembly of the toxin-coregulated pilus of Vibrio cholerae. It is preceded by a powerful transcriptional terminator which presumably delimits the major tcp operon, but at its 3' end is translationally coupled to the gene, tcpJ, encoding the TCP pilin signal peptidase. The tcpN gene encodes a putative 276-residue protein of 31,890 Da. This TcpN shows a high degree of homology to the transcriptional activators, Rns, associated with pilus biosynthesis in enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli, and to VirF, which controls the Yersinia virulence regulon. This homology also extends to the C termini of other members of the AraC family of transcriptional regulators, including RhaS, RhaR and CelD.

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