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Gene. 1992 May 15;114(2):157-63.

Structures of the genes encoding the alpha and beta subunits of the Neurospora crassa mitochondrial ATP synthase.

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Department of Biology, Sinsheimer Laboratories, University of California, Santa Cruz 95064.


We have isolated and sequenced cDNA and genomic clones encoding the alpha and beta subunits of the Neurospora crassa ATP synthase. The genes are not linked to each other: atp-1(alpha) maps to either linkage group I or V, and atp-2(beta) lies on linkage group II. The two genes resemble each other in having a large number of introns, five in atp-1 and seven in atp-2, mostly positioned near their 5' ends and varying in length from 60-332 bp. The coding regions of both genes have a high G+C content (59%) and use a low number of codons, 46 (atp-1) and 44 (atp-2), a feature associated with highly expressed genes. Northern-blot analysis shows both genes are expressed at high levels during mycelial growth. Comparison of the exon-intron structures of the beta-subunit-encoding gene with those from human and tobacco showed a similar number of introns, several closely positioned, but no exact conservation in position, size or sequence of introns.

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