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Genetica. 1992;86(1-3):1-11.

Genomic distribution of transposable elements among individuals of an inbred Drosophila line.

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Dipartimento di Genetica e Biologia Molecolare, Università La Sapienza, Roma, Italy.


The stability of the elements of eleven transposon families (412, B 104, blood, 297, 1731, G, copia, mdg 4, hobo, jockey and I) has been compared by the Southern technique among individuals of a Drosophila line that has been subjected to 30 generations of sister sib matings. The 412, B104, blood, 297, 1731 and G elements appear stable. Heterochromatic copia and hobo elements and euchromatic I elements appear highly polymorphic. In addition, copia, mdg 4, jockey and I elements undergo an instability resulting in significant variations in relative intensity among autoradiographic bands. The extent of the polymorphisms detected strongly suggests de novo rearrangements of transposable elements.

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