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Am Rev Respir Dis. 1992 Dec;146(6):1506-10.

Effect of indomethacin on leukotriene4-induced histamine hyperresponsiveness in asthmatic subjects.

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Department of Allergy and Allied Respiratory Disorders, Guy's Hospital, London, England.


The effect of indomethacin on the capacity of LTE4 to enhance airway histamine responsiveness was evaluated in eight mild asthmatic subjects. Subjects attended the laboratory on three separate pairs of study days when inhalation challenges with methacholine or LTE4 were performed and the airway responses to histamine were measured 4 and 7 h later. An open pair of study days was followed by a pair of study days during ingestion of either placebo or indomethacin capsules. The dose of agonist that produced a 35% fall in specific airways conductance (PD35 SGaw) was obtained by linear interpolation from the logarithmic dose-response curve. Indomethacin treatment did not affect baseline SGaw or methacholine airway responsiveness. However, indomethacin significantly inhibited LTE4-induced histamine hyperresponsiveness. Maximum enhancement of histamine responsiveness by LTE4 on the open and placebo study days was 4.1 +/- 0.9- (mean +/- SEM) and 5.7 +/- 1.2-fold, respectively (p = 0.36). Maximal enhancement on the indomethacin day was 1.68 +/- 0.46, and this was significantly decreased compared with that on the placebo day (p = 0.02). This suggests that LTE4-induced enhanced responsiveness to histamine is mediated in part by cyclooxygenase pathway-derived products.

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