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Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1992 Nov 30;189(1):524-9.

Purification and characterization of a sialidase from Bacteroides fragilis SBT3182.

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Technical Research Institute, Snow Brand Milk Products Co., Ltd., Saitama, Japan.


A sialidase from Bacteroides fragilis SBT3182 was purified 2,240-fold to apparent homogeneity by ammonium sulfate precipitation and sequential chromatographies on DEAE-Toyopearl 650M, Hydroxyapatite, MonoS and Superose6 columns. The N-terminal amino acid sequence of this sialidase, Ala-Asp-X-Ile-Phe-Val-Arg-Glu-Thr-Arg-Ile-Pro-, was determined. Substrate specificity of this enzyme using a variety of sialoglycoconjugates showed a 1.5- and 2.2-fold preference for sialyl alpha 2-8 linkages when compared with alpha 2-3 and alpha 2-6 bound sialic acids, respectively. The native sialidase had a molecular weight of 165kDa, as determined by Superose6 gel filtration chromatography and consisted of three subunits each of 55kDa by SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. This enzyme had optimal activity at pH6.1 with colominic acid as substrate.

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