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J Cell Physiol. 1992 Aug;152(2):245-52.

IL-3 stimulated haemopoietic stem cell proliferation: evidence for G protein independent mitogenic signalling events.

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Department of Biochemistry and Applied Molecular Biology, UMIST, Manchester, United Kingdom.


Interleukin-3 stimulates the survival and proliferation of the FDCP-Mix 1 multipotent stem cell line. We have investigated the possible involvement of a guanyl nucleotide regulatory (G) protein(s) in the IL-3 stimulated proliferative response. We report here that pertussis toxin (PT) can partially inhibit IL-3 stimulated DNA synthesis and that this inhibition is bypassed by TPA. The ADP-ribosylation of the PT substrate G protein in vivo is complete in 2 hours without concomitant inhibition of IL-3 stimulated hexose transport or Na+/H+ exchange. When loaded into FDCP-Mix 1 cells fluoroaluminate and GTP-gamma-S, which can directly activate G proteins, are not capable of mimicking the effects of IL-3. Evidence is also presented that IL-3 does not stimulate a membrane-bound high affinity GTPase activity in the FDCP-Mix 1 cell line. These data suggest that a PT substrate G protein(s) can influence the IL-3 signalling cascade in an indirect or permissive manner, but that the IL-3 receptor does not directly couple to a PT substrate G protein.

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