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Eur J Biochem. 1992 Apr 15;205(2):721-7.

Novel aerobic 2-aminobenzoate metabolism. Purification and characterization of 2-aminobenzoate-CoA ligase, localisation of the gene on a 8-kbp plasmid, and cloning and sequencing of the gene from a denitrifying Pseudomonas sp.

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Abteilung Angewandte Mikrobiologie, Universit├Ąt Ulm, Federal Republic of Germany.


A new pathway for the aerobic metabolism of 2-aminobenzoate which proceeds via 2-aminobenzoyl-CoA has recently been revealed in a Pseudomonas strain KB 740-. The enzyme catalyzing the first step, the formation of the coenzyme A (CoA) thioester of 2-aminobenzoate, is 2-aminobenzoate-CoA ligase. It was purified from cells aerobically grown with 2-aminobenzoate as sole carbon, energy, and nitrogen source and characterized. It is rather specific for 2-aminobenzoate, but activates also benzoate and fluorobenzoates. ATP was cleaved into AMP and pyrophosphate. The ligase is a monomer of M(r) 65,000, as determined by gel filtration and SDS/PAGE. The N-terminal amino acid sequence was determined and the gene locus of the enzyme was identified by Southern blot hybridization on a small 8-kbp plasmid pKB 740. The 1.8-kb nucleotide sequence of the 2-aminobenzoate-CoA ligase gene and the derived amino acid sequence of the native enzyme (597 residues) are reported.

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