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Oncogene. 1992 Apr;7(4):627-33.

Amplification of alpha-platelet-derived growth factor receptor gene lacking an exon coding for a portion of the extracellular region in a primary brain tumor of glial origin.

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Tohoku University Gene Research Center, Sendai, Japan.


In a primary brain tumor of glial origin, we found overexpression of the alpha-platelet-derived growth factor (alpha-PDGF) receptor mRNA. Southern blot analysis of the gene revealed amplification of the rearranged alpha-PDGF receptor gene in the glioma. A cDNA coding for an aberrant transcript from the amplified receptor gene was obtained and characterized. Partial nucleotide sequence analysis of the cDNA revealed a deletion of 243 nucleotides coding for 81 amino acids in a portion of the immunoglobulin-like domains of the extracellular region of the receptor. cDNA polymerase chain reaction (PCR) of the total cellular RNA in the glioma indicated that more than 80% of the transcripts have a deletion of 243 nucleotides. Analysis of a PCR-amplified DNA fragment derived from the amplified alpha-PDGF receptor gene in the glioma revealed that an exon coding for the 81 amino acids was removed by a 2.1 kb gene deletion. We also found amplification of the alpha-PDGF receptor gene in macroscopically normal cortex adjacent to the glioma from the same patient. The amplified gene in the macroscopically normal cortex has no major gene deletion, suggesting that gene amplification is not sufficient for the development of malignant gliomas.

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