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Br J Cancer. 1992 Apr;65(4):498-502.

Elevated expression of annexin II (lipocortin II, p36) in a multidrug resistant small cell lung cancer cell line.

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Cancer Research Laboratories, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.


The doxorubicin-selected multidrug resistant small cell lung cancer cell line, H69AR, is cross-resistant to the Vinca alkaloids and epipodophyllotoxins, but does not overexpress P-glycoprotein, a 170 kDa plasma membrane efflux pump usually associated with this type of resistance. Monoclonal antibodies were raised against the H69AR cell line and one of these, MAb 3.186, recognises a peptide epitope on a 36 kDa phosphorylated protein that is membrane associated, but not presented on the external surface of H69AR cells (Mirski & Cole, 1991). In the present study, in vitro translation and molecular cloning techniques were used to determine the relative levels of mRNA corresponding to the 3.186 antigen. In addition, a cDNA clone containing an insert of approximately 1.4 kb was obtained by screening an H69AR cDNA library with 125I-MAb 3.186. Fragments of this cloned DNA hybridised to a single mRNA species of approximately 1.6 kb that was 5 to 6-fold elevated in H69AR cells. Partial DNA sequencing and restriction endonuclease mapping revealed identity of the cloned DNA with p36, a member of the annexin/lipocortin family of Ca2+ and phospholipid binding proteins.

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