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Nucleic Acids Res. 1992 Feb 11;20(3):525-32.

Transcriptional enhancer related DNA sequences: anomalous 1H NMR NOE crosspeaks.

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University of Pennsylvania, Department of Chemistry, Philadelphia 19104.


A dynamic heterogeneity which correlates with the function of the operator DNA in the lactose operon of E. coli. was previously observed (1) as a local minimum in the thymine imino proton T1 centered at a GTG/C-CAC sequence. Since this triplet occurs frequently in DNA regulatory regions, it was proposed that these sequences may be part of a structural element for specific protein interaction. We examine here three additional biologically significant 17 base pair duplexes containing GTG/CAC triplets: (1) a sequence from the mouse heavy chain immunoglobulin enhancer, (2) a sequence from the critical core of the Simian Virus 40 (SV40) enhancer, and (3) a sequence from pBR322 plasmid used as control for experiments with the SV40 DNA sequences. The 1H NMR resonance assignment for nearly all the nonexchangeable protons for both eukaryotic enhancer duplexes with the exception of the H5'/H5" protons was accomplished to use for structural analysis of these duplexes. The data presented show several NOE's associated with the GTG/CAC triplets which suggest structural variation from uniform B-DNA. In addition, anomalous broad crosspeaks for the fixed thymine methyl to its own H6 proton in combination with the imino proton kinetics associated with these triplets reinforces the original observation of a sequence dependent dynamic variation.

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