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Nat Genet. 1992 Oct;2(2):119-27.

Human homologs of a Drosophila Enhancer of split gene product define a novel family of nuclear proteins.

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Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Boyer Centre for Molecular Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut.


Notch and the m9/10 gene (groucho) of the Enhancer of split (E(spI)) complex are members of the "Notch group" of genes, which is required for a variety of cell fate choices in Drosophila. We have characterized human cDNA clones encoding a family of proteins, designated TLE, that are homologous to the E(spI) m9/10 gene product, as well as a novel Notch-related protein. The TLE genes are differentially expressed and encode nuclear proteins, consistent with the presence of sequence motifs associated with nuclear functions. The structural redundancy implied by the existence of more than one TLE and Notch-homologous gene may be a feature of the human counterparts of the developmentally important Drosophila Notch group genes.

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