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FEBS Lett. 1992 Jul 6;305(3):181-4.

The envelope glycoprotein of Ebola virus contains an immunosuppressive-like domain similar to oncogenic retroviruses.

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Institute of Molecular Biology, Novosibirsk Region, Russia.


Genomic RNA of a Zaire strain of Ebola virus was cloned, and cDNA inserts specific for the glycoprotein gene were isolated and sequenced. The determined sequence has only one open reading frame encoding 318 amino acids and is part of ORF-4 on the plus RNA strand. The putative transcriptional stop site (3' AAUUCUUUUU 5') and the transcriptional start site (3' AACUACUUCUAAUU..5') were identified. Computer-assisted comparison of the amino acid sequence of the C-terminal part of protein encoded by ORF-4 of Ebola virus with sequences of the proteins present in the SWISSPROT and EMBL banks revealed significant homology with the 'immunosuppressive domain' of the p15E envelope proteins of various oncogenic retroviruses. The possible role of such a homology is discussed.

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