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Traffic. 2003 Oct;4(10):671-80.

M-PMV capsid transport is mediated by Env/Gag interactions at the pericentriolar recycling endosome.

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Department of Microbiology, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL 35294, USA.


Cytoplasmic transport of Gag molecules to the site of budding is an important but poorly understand process in retroviral assembly. Our previous studies of Mason-Pfizer monkey virus showed that, for this retrovirus, Gag is assembled into capsids at a pericentriolar region and that Env is necessary for efficient transport out of the site. An Env requirement for cytoplasmic transport implicates vesicular trafficking in this process even though the capsids remain cytoplasmic and do not bud into intracellular compartments in the cells studied to date. We show here that the secretory pathway of the cell is not directly involved in Gag transport since the latter was not inhibited by BFA, nor did Gag colocalize with markers of the ER, Golgi, or TGN. Instead, colocalization was observed between Gag and endocytosed transferrin and with Rab11, suggesting that pericentriolar recycling endosomes play a critical role in this process. Mutants of Rab11 that inhibit efflux of transferrin from the recycling endosome also inhibited Gag transport. Our studies show that Env colocalizes with Gag at the pericentriolar assembly site, and provide evidence that Env must travel through this compartment in order to initiate export of the capsids from the site of assembly. Thus, for the first time, endocytic trafficking of a retroviral Env glycoprotein is linked to the efficient cytoplasmic transport of Gag.

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