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Bioorg Med Chem Lett. 2003 Sep 15;13(18):3079-82.

Structure-based design of 2-arylamino-4-cyclohexylmethyl-5-nitroso-6-aminopyrimidine inhibitors of cyclin-dependent kinases 1 and 2.

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Northern Institute for Cancer Research, School of Natural Sciences-Chemistry, Bedson Building, University of Newcastle, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 7RU, UK.


A series of O(4)-cyclohexylmethyl-5-nitroso-6-aminopyrimidines bearing 2-arylamino substituents was synthesised and evaluated for CDK1 and CDK2 inhibitory activity. Consistent with analogous studies with O(6)-cyclohexylmethylpurines, 2-arylaminopyrimidines with a sulfonamide or carboxamide group at the 4'-position were potent inhibitors, with IC(50) values against CDK2 of 1.1+/-0.3 and 34+/-8 nM, respectively. The crystal structure of the 4'-carboxamide derivative, in complex with phospho-Thr160 CDK2/cyclin A, confirmed the expected binding mode of the inhibitor, and revealed an additional interaction between the carboxamide function and an aspartate residue.

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