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Bull Exp Biol Med. 2003 Jun;135(6):559-62.

Cyclopropyl glycine and proline-containing preparation noopept evoke two types of membrane potential responses in synaptoneurosomes.

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Institute of General Pathology and Pathophysiology, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow.


Proline, cyclo(Pro-Gly), and acyl-prolyl-containing dipeptide GVS-111 decreased synaptoneurosome membrane potential in a Ca2+-free medium. The efficiency of these preparations decreased in the following order: GVS>cyclo(Pro-Gly)>proline. Depolarization responses induced by endogenous nootropic agent cyclo(Pro-Gly) was dose-dependent and saturable; the threshold concentration of cyclo(Pro-Gly) was 10(-9) M. In a Ca2+-containing medium GVS and cyclo(Pro-Gly) induced both hyperpolarizing and depolarizing membrane responses of synaptoneurosomes. Possible mechanisms underlying changes in the membrane potential of synaptoneurosomes induced by nootropic agents are discussed. It was interesting whether modulation of electrogenesis can improve memory and potentiate the neuroprotective effect of the test nootropic agents.

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