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Int J Food Microbiol. 2003 Oct 15;87(1-2):153-9.

Production and purification of a bacteriocin peptide produced by Lactococcus sp. strain GM005, isolated from Miso-paste.

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  • 1Food/Brewing Section, The Yamanashi Industrial Technology Center, 2094, Otsu-cho, Kofu, Yamanashi 400-0005, Japan.


Lactococcus sp. GM005 was isolated from Miso-paste and was found to produce a bacteriocin with strong antibacterial activity. A culture of Lactococcus sp. GM005, maintained at 30 degrees C and a constant pH of 6.0, exhibited bacteriocin activity eightfold higher than that of a culture grown under pH-uncontrolled conditions. GM005 bacteriocin was purified to homogeneity on SDS-PAGE by hydrophobic column chromatography and gel filtration. The estimated molecular weight of GM005 bacteriocin was approximately 9.6 kDa based on gel-filtration analysis, and was approximately 2.4 kDa based on tricine-SDS-PAGE analysis, indicating a tetrametric structure. N-terminal amino acid analysis revealed that the N-terminal end was blocked. Amino acid composition analysis revealed a high proportion of hydrophobic amino acid residues and lanthionine. This differs from the composition of some antibiotics. GM005 bacteriocin exhibits a bactericidal activity against Lactobacillus sakei JCM1157T.

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