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Gene Expr Patterns. 2003 Aug;3(4):473-81.

Study of Fgf15 gene expression in developing mouse brain.

Author information

Instituto de Neurosciencias, CSIC-UMH, Campus de San Juan, Apdo correos 18, 03550, Alicante, Spain.


Fibroblast growth factor 15 (Fgf15) is a gene regulated by the expression of Otx2 in developing mouse brain (Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 97 (2000) 14388). Otx2 gene codes for a transcription factor and is fundamental for the regionalisation and development of the anterior neural plate and cephalic region of the vertebrate embryo (Development 124 (1997) 3639). In addition, the thalamic expression of Fgf15 has been recently reported under the control of Shh signalling gene, expressed in the diencephalic basal plate (Development 129 (2002) 4807). In the present work, we have analysed Fgf15 expression pattern during mouse neural development. Fgf15 appeared early in the developing neural epithelium, in domains where Fgf8 gene is also expressed and, at later stages, in specific groups of neural cells. Fgf8 is an important signalling protein with demonstrated morphogenetic activity in several embryonic regions. Fgf15 expression is localized, like Fgf8, in secondary neural tube organizers: the isthmic organizer (IsO) and the anterior neural ridge (ANR).

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