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FEMS Microbiol Lett. 2003 Aug 8;225(1):149-53.

Characterization of In111, a class 1 integron that carries the extended-spectrum beta-lactamase gene blaIBC-1.

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Laboratory of Bacteriology, Hellenic Pasteur Institute, Vas. Sofias 127, Athens 11521, Greece.


A class 1 integron, In111, carried by a self-transferable plasmid from an Escherichia coli clinical strain was characterized. The variable region of In111 constituted an array of gene cassettes encoding the extended-spectrum beta-lactamase IBC-1, the aminoglycoside-modifying enzymes AAC(6')-Ib and ANT(3")-Ia, dihydrofolate reductase I and a putative polypeptide (SMR-2) sharing similarity with the Qac transporters. Transcription of the gene cassettes was driven by a hybrid-type P1 promoter located in a typical 5' conserved segment (CS). The 3'CS included sulI, qacEDelta1, orf5 and orf6. In111 was bounded on the right by an inversely oriented IRt. The 5'CS was preceded by an intact IS26 element followed by an aphA1 gene.

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