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J Glaucoma. 2003 Aug;12(4):354-9.

Suprachoroidal seton implantation in refractory glaucoma: a novel surgical technique.

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Istanbul University, Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty, Department of Ophthalmology, Istanbul, Turkey.



To describe a new surgical technique in which aqueous humor is diverted from the anterior chamber to the suprachoroidal space for the augmentation of uveoscleral outflow in the management of refractory glaucoma.


Four painful-blind eyes of four consecutive patients were included in the study. Mean age of patients was 54.7+/- 9.2 years. Preoperative diagnosis was neovascular glaucoma complicating diabetic retinopathy in three cases and chronic angle-closure glaucoma in one case. Mean preoperative intraocular pressure of the patients receiving two medications was 58.5 +/- 9.2 mm Hg. A modified Krupin eye valve with disk was implanted into the suprachoroidal space. The anterior tube part of the Seton device was placed into the anterior chamber through the long scleral tunnel for draining the aqueous humor from the anterior chamber to the suprachoroidal space.


The placement of modified Krupin eye valve with disk to the suprachoroidal space was achieved in all cases. While mean preoperative intraocular pressure was 58.5 +/- 9.2 mm Hg, it was 14.2 +/- 4.7 mm Hg at postoperative one week. It was 13.5 +/- 4.6 mm Hg and 15 +/- 4.9 mm Hg at one and three months respectively. At the last follow-up visit, mean intraocular pressure was 17.25 +/- 5.37 mm Hg ranging from 12 to 24 mm Hg. Choroidal detachment was developed in one case and regressed in six weeks. Rubeosis irides regressed at third month in three cases. None of the eyes developed suprachoroidal hemorrhage, retinal detachment, or phthisis bulbi.


The drainage of aqueous humor from the anterior chamber to the suprachoroidal space with the implantation of the glaucoma Seton device is effective in lowering intraocular pressure in refractory glaucoma.

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