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J Biol Chem. 2003 Oct 3;278(40):38586-92. Epub 2003 Jul 21.

T:G mismatch-specific thymine-DNA glycosylase potentiates transcription of estrogen-regulated genes through direct interaction with estrogen receptor alpha.

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Department of Cancer Medicine, Imperial College London, Du Cane Road, London W12 0NN, United Kingdom.


Nuclear receptors (NR) classically regulate gene expression by stimulating transcription upon binding to their cognate ligands. It is now well established that NR-mediated transcriptional activation requires the recruitment of coregulator complexes, which facilitate recruitment of the basal transcription machinery through direct interactions with the basal transcription machinery and/or through chromatin remodeling. However, a number of recently described NR coactivators have been implicated in cross-talk with other nuclear processes including RNA splicing and DNA repair. T:G mismatch-specific thymine DNA glycosylase (TDG) is required for base excision repair of deaminated methylcytosine. Here we show that TDG is a coactivator for estrogen receptor alpha (ERalpha). We demonstrate that TDG interacts with ERalpha in vitro and in vivo and suggest a separate role for TDG to its established role in DNA repair. We show that this involves helix 12 of ERalpha. The region of interaction in TDG is mapped to a putative alpha-helical motif containing a motif distinct from but similar to the LXXLL motif that mediates interaction with NR. Together with recent reports linking TFIIH in regulating NR function, our findings provide new data to further support an important link between DNA repair proteins and nuclear receptor function.

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