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Immunology. 2003 Aug;109(4):515-26.

Genomic structure around joining segments and constant regions of swine T-cell receptor alpha/delta (TRA/TRD) locus.

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Genome Research Department, National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences, Ibaraki, Japan.


A complete genomic region of 131.2 kb including the swine T-cell receptor alpha/delta constant region (TRAC/TRDC) and joining segments (TRAJ/TRDJ) was sequenced. The structure of this region was strikingly conserved in comparison to that of human or mouse. All of the 61 TRAJ segments detected in the human genomic sequence were detected in the swine sequence and the sequence of the protein binding site of T early alpha, the sequence of the alpha enhancer element and the conserved sequence block between TRAJ3 and TRAJ4 are highly conserved. Insertion of the repetitive sequences that interspersed after the differentiation of the species in mammals such as short interspersed nucleotide elements is markedly suppressed in comparison to other genomic regions, while the composition of the mammalian-wide interspersed sequences is relatively conserved in human and swine. This observation indicates the existence of a highly selective pressure to conserve this genomic region around TRAJ throughout the evolution of mammals.

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