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Genet Res. 1992 Dec;60(3):175-84.

Recombination between the X and Y chromosomes and the Sxr region of the mouse.

Author information

MRC Mammalian Development Unit, London.


The Sxr (sex-reversed) region that carries a copy of the mouse Y chromosomal testis-determining gene can be attached to the distal end of either the Y or the X chromosome. During male meiosis, Sxr recombined freely between the X and Y chromosomes, with an estimated recombination frequency not significantly different from 50% in either direction. During female meiosis, Sxr recombined freely between the X chromosome to which it was attached and an X-autosome translocation. A male mouse carrying the original Sxra region on its Y chromosome, and the shorter Sxrb variant on the X, also showed 50% recombination between the sex chromosomes. Evidence of unequal crossing-over between the two Sxr regions was obtained: using five markers deleted from Sxrb, 3 variant Sxr regions were detected in 159 progeny (1.9%). Four other variants (one from the original cross and three from later generations) were presumed to have been derived from illegitimate pairing and crossing-over between Sxrb and the homologous region on the short arm of the Y chromosome. The generation of new variants throws light on the arrangement of gene loci and other markers within the short arm of the mouse Y chromosome.

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