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Mol Biol Cell. 2003 Jul;14(7):2809-17. Epub 2003 Apr 4.

Cooperative inhibition of bone morphogenetic protein signaling by Smurf1 and inhibitory Smads.

Author information

Department of Biochemistry, The Cancer Institute of the Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research, Tokyo 170-8455, Japan.


Smad ubiquitin regulatory factor (Smurf) 1 binds to receptor-regulated Smads for bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) Smad1/5 and promotes their degradation. In addition, Smurf1 associates with transforming growth factor-beta type I receptor through the inhibitory Smad (I-Smad) Smad7 and induces their degradation. Herein, we examined whether Smurf1 negatively regulates BMP signaling together with the I-Smads Smad6/7. Smurf1 and Smad6 cooperatively induced secondary axes in Xenopus embryos. Using a BMP-responsive promoter-reporter construct in mammalian cells, we found that Smurf1 cooperated with I-Smad in inhibiting BMP signaling and that the inhibitory activity of Smurf1 was not necessarily correlated with its ability to bind to Smad1/5 directly. Smurf1 bound to BMP type I receptors via I-Smads and induced ubiquitination and degradation of these receptors. Moreover, Smurf1 associated with Smad1/5 indirectly through I-Smads and induced their ubiquitination and degradation. Smurf1 thus controls BMP signaling with and without I-Smads through multiple mechanisms.

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