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J Invest Dermatol. 2003 Jul;121(1):156-64.

Differentiation-dependent regulation of secreted phospholipases A2 in murine epidermis.

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Pharmazentrum Frankfurt, University Hospital, Frankfurt/Main, Germany.


The action of secreted phospholipases A2 in skin is thought to be essential for epidermal barrier homeostasis. The incomplete knowledge of presence and functions of the novel secreted phospholipase A2 subtypes in skin prompted us to explore their expression in epidermis and primary keratinocytes from murine neonatal skin. We detected secreted phospholipases A2-IB, -IIA, -IIC, -IID, -IIE, -IIF, -V, -X, and -XII. To study secreted phospholipase A2 expression during epidermal differentiation, primary keratinocytes from the basal, suprabasal, and upper differentiated layers of neonatal mouse epidermis were obtained by density gradient centrifugation. mRNA for secreted phospholipases A2-IB, -IIE, -IIF, -V, and -XII-1 are mainly expressed in the upper differentiated layers, whereas the most prominent enzymes in the basal and suprabasal layers are secreted phospholipases A2-IIA, -IID, and -X. The mRNA for secreted phospholipase A2-IIC was found in all fractions. Immunohistochemical analysis in mouse skin sections reflected the mRNA distribution patterns in the different epidermal cell fractions. After in vitro induction of keratinocyte differentiation by increasing the calcium concentration of the medium, secreted phospholipases A2-IB, -IIE, -IIF, -V, and -XII-1 were upregulated, whereas secreted phospholipases A2-IIA, -IIC, -IID, and -X were mainly expressed in proliferating keratinocytes. The specific secreted phospholipase A2 expression profile in the skin suggests a distinct function for each enzyme in the epidermis.

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