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Plant J. 2003 Jul;35(1):1-15.

The dynamin-like protein ADL1C is essential for plasma membrane maintenance during pollen maturation.

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Department of Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison 433 Babcock Dr., Madison, WI 53706, USA.


Dynamin-related GTPases regulate a wide variety of dynamic membrane processes in eukaryotes. Here, we investigated the function of ADL1C, a member of the Arabidopsis 68 kDa dynamin-like protein family. Analysis of heterozygous adl1C-1 indicates that the mutation specifically affects post-meiotic male gametogenesis. Fifty percent of the mature pollen from heterozygous adl1C-1 androecia are shriveled and fail to germinate in vitro. During microspore maturation, adl1C-1 pollen grains display defects in the plasma membrane and intine morphology, suggesting that ADL1C is essential for the formation and maintenance of the pollen cell surface and viability during desiccation. Consistent with a role in cell-surface dynamics, immunofluorescence microscopy indicates that ADL1C is localized to the cell plate of dividing somatic cells and to the tip of expanding root hairs. We propose that ADL1C functions in plasma membrane dynamics, and we discuss the role of the ADL1 family in plant growth and development.

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