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Int J Pept Protein Res. 1992 Aug;40(2):134-40.

Efficient solid phase synthesis of mixed Thr(P)-, Ser(P)- and Tyr(P)-containing phosphopeptides by "global" "phosphite-triester" phosphorylation.

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CNRS-INSERM, Centre for Pharmacology-Endocrinology, Montpellier, France.


The synthesis of the mixed Thr(P)/Tyr(P)-containing peptide, Ala-Thr(P)-Tyr(P)-Ser-Ala, was accomplished by "phosphite-triester" phosphorylation of the resin-bound Thr/Tyr-containing peptide using di-t-butyl N,N-diethylphosphoramidite as the phosphitylation reagent. The pentapeptide-resin was assembled by Fmoc/solid-phase peptide synthesis with the use of PyBOP as coupling reagent and the hydroxy-amino acids incorporated as side-chain free Fmoc-Tyr-OH and Fmoc-Thr-OH. "Global" bis-phosphorylation of the peptide-resin was accomplished by treatment with di-t-butyl N,N-diethylphosphoramidite/1H-tetrazole followed by m-chloroperoxybenzoic acid oxidation of the intermediate di-t-butylphosphite triester. Simultaneous peptide-resin cleavage and peptide deprotection was effected by treatment of the peptide-resin with 5% anisole/TFA and gave the Thr(P)/Tyr(P)-containing phosphopeptide in high yield and purity. In addition, the tyrosyl residue was found to be phosphitylated in preference to the threonyl residue since the phosphitylation of the pentapeptide-resin using only 1.1 equiv. of di-t-butyl N,N-diethylphosphoramidite gave Ala-Thr-Tyr(P)-Ser-Ala as the major product and both Ala-Thr(P)-Tyr(P)-Ser-Ala and Ala-Thr-Tyr-Ser-Ala as minor products.

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