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Phys Rev Lett. 2003 May 9;90(18):187002. Epub 2003 May 8.

Weak-field thermal hall conductivity in the mixed state of d-wave superconductors.

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Department of Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139,USA.


Thermal transport in the mixed state of a d-wave superconductor is considered within the weak-field regime. We express the thermal conductivity, kappa(xx), and the thermal Hall conductivity, kappa(xy), in terms of the cross section for quasiparticle scattering from a single vortex. Solving for the cross section (neglecting the Berry phase contribution and the anisotropy of the gap nodes), we obtain kappa(xx)(H,T) and kappa(xy)(H,T) in surprisingly good agreement with the qualitative features of the experimental results for YBa2Cu3O6.99. In particular, we show that the simple, yet previously unexpected, weak-field behavior, kappa(xy)(H,T) approximately T squareroot [H], is that of thermally excited nodal quasiparticles, scattering primarily from impurities, with a small skew component provided by vortex scattering.

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