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Mol Biol Evol. 2003 Jul;20(7):1098-112. Epub 2003 May 30.

The molecular evolution of catalatic hydroperoxidases: evidence for multiple lateral transfer of genes between prokaryota and from bacteria into eukaryota.

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Department of Biology and Center for Genetics and Molecular Medicine, University of Louisville, USA.


The past decade has produced an increasing number of reports on horizontal gene transfer between prokaryotic organisms. Only recently, with the flood of available whole genome sequence data and a renewed intensity of the debate about the universal tree of life, a very few reports on lateral gene transfer (LGT) from prokaryotes into the Eukaryota have been published. We have investigated and report here on the molecular evolution of the gene families that encode catalatic hydroperoxidases. We have found that this process included not only frequent horizontal gene transfer among prokaryotes but also several lateral gene transfer events between bacteria and fungi and between bacteria and the protistan ancestor of the alga/plant lineage.

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